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Hidden Gems: Local Businesses & Creatives You Should Know

Every day we have a choice. We can support an up and coming podcaster, try a new family-run restaurant, join a boutique gym started by a local fitness champ or we could keep giving away our money to the handful of giants who already control so much of our commerce. Our daily decisions impact the kind world we live in; if we want a world where small businesses are growing and artists and creatives are thriving then we should support them with our time, money and attention. We’re proud to highlight inspiring creatives and entrepreneurs each week in Hidden Gems series. Check out some of our latest local gem features below.

Cori Wade

I first got into photography at a very young age! My parents said that I was always playing with cameras and taking photos as a kid, and my senior year of high school is when I finally saved up the money to buy myself a nice DSLR camera! In 5th grade, we had to write a letter to our future selves, and when I got it back my senior year of high school It said I wanted to be a photographer, and I didn’t even remember doing that project!! But I think it’s so cool that I’m doing something that I wanted to do as a little kid, it feels amazing to be living a childhood dream! Read more>> 

Vickie Closson

Vickie found the love of Marketing, Advertising, and Branding in 1991 and realized her hidden talents in the field. She worked in Newspaper where she won two Addy Awards from the American Advertising Federation, worked in the Advertising Agency world, Radio and TV but always found her passion in the print media. After moving to Ohio in 2002, Vickie grew her marketing and business knowledge throughout nearly two decades, serving as the Director of Operations for an umbrella organization that started as one business and grew to seven companies. In 2008 they added an apparel and promotional company under the umbrella where she fell in love with the apparel and promotional world because it gave her the opportunity to help businesses of all sizes, non-profits, and individuals with their Branding needs. Read more>>

Matthew Salvaggio

We enjoy getting to share our passion for music with others. The orchestra is made up of volunteers who work in many different professions who come together each week to rehearse because they love making music together. We love getting to share our joy with our audiences, and it is particularly moving when we have new orchestra members join after they say they were inspired to do so after attending one of our performances. Sponsorship of the orchestra was assumed in 1965 by the Euclid Recreation Commission. The group functioned under an advisory board of twelve appointed and six officio members. Currently, the orchestra is sponsored by the Shore Cultural Centre Corporation and the City of Euclid. Read more>>

Howard Jefferson

I first began capturing images in 2008, I was the chapter historian for my Fraternity at Wright State University, in Dayton Ohio (Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Incorporated, Gamma Lambda Chapter). After I had my first daughter in 2009, I really began to fall in love with her and with imagery. From 2009 to 2017 I was doing mostly street photography, capturing images of everyday life, buildings, and inanimate objects. I would show my work to family and friends and they would encourage me to take my talents to the next level. I took on my first paying gig in the summer of 2017, an engagement session for one of my fraternity brothers and his fiancé. Fast forward to present day, I have became one of the city’s hidden gems for photography services. Read more>>

Dr. Munirah Bomani

I am a Doctor, Dancer, Choreographer, Film-maker, Mommy, and wife from the west side of Cleveland. My love for both medicine and movement is the driving force for most of the activities that I host and participate in. My passion is to pour into the inner-city Cleveland Community that raised me. As a product of Cleveland Public Schools, I am no stranger to the hardships that many of the city’s youth face. Despite the odds, I graduated at the age of 16 from John Hay Early College. From there I attended Cleveland State University and Meharry Medical College. During medical school, I was really able to grow as a person and as an artist! Dancing in Nashville (music city) really opened my mind as to the limitless possibilities that are available to me as an artist. Read more>>

Seth Birch

I started as a computer science major with a passion for art that my advisor Kelly Phelps stoked the flame for my creativity and started taking more classes to fill my desire to create. Growing up on a small farm in rural Ohio making use of whatever could be found on the farm to pass the time, making shelters and origami. Alongside use of duct tape, to make wallets and other functional items. Read more>>

Rodney Braziel

I think musically what sets me apart from other people is my style and creativity in every song that I make, none of them are the same and it’s something that you won’t find with a lot of artists out here. I think the biggest challenge for me was promotion and the ability to keep my thoughts on paper. I think risk-taking is important because where there is no risk, there is no reward. You can’t be scared to do something especially if it’s what you’re passionate about and will make you feel better and your life easier in the long run. Read more>>

Arin Bonk

I found my first client and gave me a chance to make cookies for a special event. Word of mouth led me to more customers and I was able to build my business through that. I had a friend that used my cookies for client gifts and it’s been a lot of great connections and hard work ever since, but it’s a lot of fun. I started doing summer camps for kids in my kitchen and that lead to beginning my after-school program. On any given school day, I’m at a school teaching kids the basics of cookie decorating with fun themes in six-week, hour-long sessions. I’ve built this business from scratch, and it’s been exciting! Read more>>

Lainy Chambliss

I grew up in a very small town in Northwestern Ohio. After I graduated high school, I made the best decision and moved to Cincinnati to attend the University of Cincinnati. I originally studied health sciences in hope of going to medical school. Within two years, I switched majors to middle childhood education and graduated with a math and science degree. I was a 7th and 8th-grade math and science teacher for two years. My first year of teaching was one of the most challenging things I have done. For instance, my seventh-grade class had a student with a second-grade reading level all the way up to a tenth-grade reading level. This was extremely eye-opening and difficult for me to plan lessons and try to get through to each individual student. Read more>>

Chenese Simmons

My passion for food started as a young girl around age 11 watching the Food Network nonstop in Cleveland, OH which evolved into my love for cooking around age14. It’s what I’ve always known I wanted to do. After a few stints in commercial kitchens/bars, I began cooking for others in my early 20s, just entertaining friends and family at home and on holidays. After much encouragement, I decided to start an official catering business in 2018. CJ’s CookHouse, a full-service company, specializing in event and corporate catering, was born September 22, 2018, in Columbus, OH. Since then, I’ve been blessed to see my clientele grow from individual clients to corporate partners such as United Way of Central Ohio, ROX! (Both nonprofits based in Columbus, Ohio), and the Ohio Department of Education as well as weddings and entertainment events! Read more>>

Dr. Lee Cordell

If you’d told me 15 years ago that I’d be running 3 businesses and be the CEO/founder of an educational Institute, I don’t think I would have believed you! My original plan for my professional life was to work as a Nurse Practitioner. I went through over a decade of schooling to obtain my Doctorate of Nursing Practice and was practicing at the bedside and teaching at the graduate level when I got the itch to start my entrepreneurial journey. I started out in network marketing in 2013 and had good success in 2 different companies. However, after several years I realized that my favorite part of that business model was the coaching and mindset support I was able to give to the clients and new team members that I served! In 2018 I started my life/mindset coaching business and continued to serve clients part-time while I worked my full-time job as an NP. Read more>>

David Slagle

I was born with a cleft lip and pallet. Went through six surgeries, seven years of speech therapy in elementary school. Started writing when I was 11 yrs. old. Music was my way to deal with whatever I was going through good or bad. Growing up in Elyria, I was born on welfare and not from the best situation. My parents separated when I was three. Both struggled with addiction. I spent a lot of time with my grandparents growing up. I started really recording at 16. Over at my cousin Dan’s house in Lorain. He taught me how to structure bars and really turn my raps into songs. From there I worked on mixtapes, pushed my music in school. Read more>>

Andrew Dodson

I graduated valedictorian from Oak Hill High School (Oak Hill, OH) and attended Shawnee State University (Portsmouth, OH) for two years before moving to Wilmington, NC to pursue acting. I got some screen time running around in the background of the show Dawson’s Creek, and much to my children’s delight, I have a whopping 3 seconds of screen time as a mad scientist in Muppets From Space! I started my own video production company and in 2007 my wife and I won the Heinz Top This TV Challenge, beating out over 4000 entries nationwide to create the “next great ketchup commercial. Read more>>

Portia Kohls

I began niching down to being a wedding photographer right before Covid, so it was very difficult to get a good start when all weddings were being canceled. I had to take it slow the first year and often was a second shooter for smaller weddings to gain experience. I am still thankful for this time because it helped me perfect my editing style and market my brand for more weddings in the future. My age has also been a bit of a stumbling block because some people would not take me seriously at first. I quickly gained respect for my business as people saw my work and my passion for my work. Honestly, now I feel like my age gives me a bit of an advantage because I bring a fresh and young vibe to my wedding and senior clients, making both my photos and poses young and stylish. Read more>>

Amy Noland

A small-town river hamlet, Rabbit Hash Kentucky has elected a dog as the official Mayor of the town since 1998. Every 4 years a pawlitical race develops and canine and other animal candidates get to work to raise money for the town. $1 is equal to 1 vote and the candidate that raises the most money to preserve and maintain the historic town becomes the mayor. The election process starts near the end of summer and is announced on the same day as the US Presidential election. The election in 2020 was a bit different from previous elections and social media became a key factor in raising funds. Wilbur was around 6 months old and just so doggone cute I knew he would be perfect for the job. In 2020 the world was overcome with tons of negative media due to Covid-19 and the US Presidential election was also filling up social media feeds with turmoil and political posts. Read more>>

Candace Gasper

I studied merchandising/marketing in college and afterward I assumed that I would work in fashion. I was a merchandise assistant for a bit and I couldn’t stand being in an office, so I left. I always loved writing so I started to pursue that, taking classes, entering contests, writing copy for brands like Marchesa, NerdWallet, Walmart, etc. Meanwhile, I was helping my friend Sky manage a few Instagram accounts while living in LA. Helping coordinate photo shoots, managing, and scheduling content, managing the accounts, writing and planning copy and it was a lot of fun. Eventually, I moved back to the NKY/Cincy area and continued to freelance write while helping Sky.  Read more>>

Miles Quebedeaux

A lot of my interest and preliminary work in photo and video started while I was working with churches in central Virginia. While my vocation was not even somewhat tied to digital media at that point, one thing that I felt was a consistent issue was that people were always too busy to advocate for themselves through digital media; whether that be through photo, video, or written copy. The whole goal for my work is to help people capture your stories and moments in life. Portrait and Event photography, alongside Corporate and Documentary style video is what I currently point my work towards.  Read more>>

Tyler Ripley

I created the label Free Dive Records back in 2018. Working in and out of various recording studios, I would often see two things with up-and-coming artists/bands. One being spending $100+ hr. to record their music, after a full weekend, the band is out several thousand and not always satisfied with their experience. Sacrificing the amount of takes on songs to avoid seeing the clock strike another hour. Sometimes projects would just halt because there was much more to be done and the funds were nowhere to be found. The second was, sometimes people who finished their album, spending upwards of $10,000 and dropping the album 2 weeks later with little to none marketing done. So, it isn’t heard by the masses, it’s just released into the heavily saturated realm of the internet. Read more>>

Preethi Shanmugam

I realized turning a passion into business is not that easy. I am not a professional and didn’t have even little knowledge about business. Time management was the biggest challenge. Not everyone liked the cakes. There were mixed reviews. Sometimes, negative reviews throughout. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong and how to proceed. I was on the verge of giving up just after a couple of months. I took a break and enrolled in a class. The class was very helpful in teaching not only baking but also about growing business. Baking an order was not that hard after training. I was able to meet the timeline, and it was not overwhelming either. It gave me a little confidence. Read more>>

Ryan Berg

I found a brothel. Entered the dark corridor and was struck with the smell of stale urine and rats resting in leisure. As I started up the steps, I could hear the sound of abuse. At the top of the stairs, it opened to a musty hallway with women lined up next to small closet-sized rooms with little more than a mattress and pull curtain. I had never seen trafficking face to face. I was devastated. I left that brothel but was determined to return to help create a pathway to freedom. Read more>>

Marc Thou

At age 6, I started playing the trumpet in school, by the time of junior high and high school years, I participated with different bands and/or musicians, such as “A Touch Of Class” with Joe Moon and FBI (Funky Beyond Imagination) with Russell Thompson/Sax player, cousin and we performed at different venues and/or were the studio making songs. I also got the opportunity to travel on tour with my cousin, Bobby Harris, founder of the famous, Grammy-winning, Cleveland, Ohio …”The Dazz Band” (Let It Whip). That is when I watched and picked up a lot of knowledge and understanding of what it takes to be a PROFESSIONAL Artist, Producer, Songwriter, and performer on the highest level and stage. I also owe credit to my hometown friend Chris Wright and his sister, Evelyn, who showed me another part of music production and art of singing. Read more>>

Briahna Maldonado

Hello! My name is Briahna Maldonado, and I’m the owner of Waxing Moon Candle Shop. I started my little business during my sophomore year at Bowling Green State University. I stumbled upon candle-making while searching for a new hobby to do in my free time. I found some cute coffin-shaped molds online and posted some photos on social media of my first few candles. Although they were far from perfect, they garnered a good amount of attention and quite a few messages from friends asking if they can purchase some. 3 years later, my candle shop is my full-time business. I have stocked multiple local Cleveland shops such as The Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magick, Oktober’s, Coven, and Cleveland Curiosities. I hope to open my own brick-and-mortar shop one day, but until then, I’ll continue to sell them on my website as well as at local craft events. Read more>>

Blake Harris

Born and raised in Sandusky, Ohio. Graduated high school in 2006 as a member of the National Honor Society. Again, I can provide greater context in a phone interview. As there are some pivotable points in my life that really helped me get to where I am today. Me “finding God” is a pretty incredible story within itself. Success if finding and living out your purpose. Being a servant leader, a willing vessel to God’s plan, and helping others along the way achieve their goals and aspirations. As well as serve as an inspiration to others-especially your peers. Read more>>

Michael Reihard

So, I started as a bashful, quiet young man who just always kept to himself. I believe most of my classmates in High School would describe me as such. Like most, I went to college and adapted to the corporate world. Prior to working in Cleveland, I grew up in a small town 60 miles east of Cleveland in Leavittsburg, Ohio. My friends thought I was crazy for taking a job in Cleveland. So, then I started working in downtown Cleveland, and I was promoted to a different department. On the nice days, my co-workers insisted I that I joined them in walking around a small block, that was probably a mile in total. When I started, the TV news crews would always hang out the East 4th street district, as this was quite busy with foot traffic. Read more>>

Kate Woodford-Shel

At the age of three, I started gymnastics and was a competitive gymnast until age 12. I also played soccer for a few years, tried diving, and played basketball from age 12-18.  My father owned a gym in the 80s-early 90s and sold it when I was born to focus on being a father and a full-time personal trainer. My parents met at his gym in 1980 (my mom was teaching aerobics there at the time), they married in 1984  My father died in 2007 when I was 15 years old. It was devastating to my family. We moved out of the house my parents built to a city over- into my grandparents’ house where I lived until I moved to Akron at 18. Read more>>

Brianah Ellis

My name is Brianah Marie Ellis and I was born and live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am an artist, entrepreneur, and Motivational Speaker.  My love for art started out as a hobby when I was roughly 3-4 years of age… As I got older my passion for painting eventually turned into my first successful entrepreneurial venture. I designed custom art pieces and sold them all over the world via the internet.  I am a self-taught art prodigy that went through many changes and challenges along the way. I now use my message as a way to empower others that they can be, do, and have anything they want in life when they stop looking at their weakness and focus on developing their strengths. It’s all about how you decide to paint your own picture. Read more>>

Billy Alletzhauser

I’ve basically grown up in the Cincinnati music scene. As a teenager, I was exposed to local indie/underground music through WAIF’s ‘Search & Destroy’ radio show and a now-legendary local punk venue, The Jockey Club. Local underground bands at the time like Sluggo and Musical Suicide inspired me to approach and appreciate a D.I.Y style to music, promotion, and recording that, while my tastes and interests expanded and varied, I kept with in music projects with The Hiders, Ass Ponys, Euxine, and Ruby Vileos (to name a few) and led me to investing in my own recording equipment and studio spaces. These days my focus is still on songwriting, performing, and recording. Read more>>

Chet Aden

I’m a self-taught metal shaper. I take flat sheet metal and hand hammer and shape it into motorcycle gas tanks, fenders, headlights, and so on. I always say “Aden customs is hand-made parts in a machine-made world”. Parts created be me are one-off parts. there is no other gas tank in the world like it. If you go to a motorcycle show you will see multiple great builds with the same tanks or maybe fenders, and that’s fine but not my thing. On my website I’ve started a motorcycle apparel called “CHOP IT!” merch is available on my website. $5 from each item purchased is currently going to Moto go Cleveland, to help support their goal of bringing back shop class to students in the Cleveland area. Read more>>

Lacy Talley

I’m a Freelance Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Muralist! I specialize in original paintings, digital art, logo design, website design, flyers, branding, marketing, mural art, animations, motion design, making ashtrays, cigar trays. I believe what sets me apart from others is my work ethic. I work hard for what I have and what I want to achieve. When I have an idea, my mind doesn’t stopping thinking of ways to amplify the idea even more. Read more>>

Julie Mitchell

Ashland is small but mighty! Our community is passionate about supporting one another however they can. Our downtown is making an awesome come back through rehabilitation of old buildings and opening new shops and restaurants. We had just finished the remodeling and renovations of our building and just starting to get into the swing of things at our new location when the pandemic hit. The same day our schools closed we were able to launch our website which truly kept us afloat during the shutdown. We were able to ship items, deliver orders to customers’ cars, and also offered a no-contact delivery option to help everyone feel safe while they continued to support us. Now it is booming again downtown and the excitement and support of the community is just wonderful! Nearly every day we have someone thanking us for being there or telling us stories of how they remember downtown being like this when they were young and how excited they are that it is coming back to life. Read more>>

Kelly Testa

I learned about luxury, pop-up picnics during the pandemic, and thought it was such a unique and special way to celebrate with your friends. I have always loved a big party, but love to connect with a close group of friends even more! Picnic Party Cleveland aims to merge the two, bringing an exciting way to celebrate big moments through a small gathering. I learned about luxury, pop-up picnics during the pandemic, and thought it was such a unique and special way to celebrate with your friends. I have always loved a big party, but love to connect with a close group of friends even more! Picnic Party Cleveland aims to merge the two, bringing an exciting way to celebrate big moments through a small gathering. Read more>>

Gary Younts

My wife and I met while I was in the Army in Germany. Her family is from a small town on the Rhine River called Lorch. Over the years I learned to love wine as much as they did and found someone to mentor me in becoming a vintner. There were many failed batches and experiments but my skills and passion for winemaking developed. As we neared retirement, we bought the old Verona High School building and began to refurbish it. Today, the Schoolyard Winery sells nearly 20 red, white, and specialty wines all made in the schoolhouse we also call home. Read more>>

Troy Cherry

I started as a graphic designer as far back as 2008, those skills along with my own personal rap career got me interested in making merch for my recording label. So, I started making t-shirt ideas and learned about screen printing. I then worked for a screen-printing company 2013 and that piqued my interest into the ins and outs of fashion. I decided the that I would learn more about cut & sew production, I purchased a sewing machine and taught myself how to make garments from scratch. Read more>>

Kelsi Boyd

I started Silver Market Co. after completing my master’s at Ohio University. Back then, I was working as a research analyst as a post-graduate in Charleston, West Virginia. In grad school, I focused my studies on the socioeconomics of Appalachia. I grew up here on the Ohio River – with one parent in Meigs Co., OH and another in Mason Co., WV. After a couple of decades of trying to figure out how to leave this place, I decided to stay with hope of making it better. The purpose of SM Co. is to demonstrate the power of grassroots development and to identify the strengths and needs of a community. In previous decades, the lack of technology and government protection kept us isolated and dependent on coal. Read more>>

Chante Meadows

In a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, we offer a highly personalized approach tailored to your individual needs to achieve the personal growth for which you are striving. If you are looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation or you are ready to move in a different direction in life, we look forward to helping you achieve your goals. We offer both in-person and online services. We also provide speaking engagements on a wide variety of topics such as self-care, mental wellness, COVID and mental health, workplace and mental health, imposter syndrome, how to work with diverse populations, and so much more. Read more>>

Rachael and Agustin Aguirre

Our story first started in April of 2020, I made this dish Birria at home and everyone fell in love with it. It’s always been our goal to have some sort of food truck and serve others our food. With the pandemic hitting us, and my husband losing his job we figured out some things and got our food truck opened in October of 2020. Our inspiration behind our name AJS Tacos is our son, Angelo Jay. He always keeps us motivated and he loves tacos as well. In the past year and half, we have grown so much as a business and as a family. We hope to have a restaurant in the near future. Read more>>

Ron Scott

I developed my passion for working with young adults as a graduate student teaching composition and professional writing courses and continued as a faculty member at a small liberal arts university in northeast Ohio. Being from the area, and having lived in Cuyahoga Falls for the past twenty years, the move to manage the Young Adult Resource Center is a natural fit. Our organization – Youth Opportunities Unlimited – partners with Ohio Means Jobs Cleveland/Cuyahoga County to develop their professional skills in order to find a career. We help young people find their strengths, serving as a one-stop shop linking individuals to organizations dedicated to serving them. Read more>>

Adria Chavers

I’ve always considered myself an artist, from my early childhood years throughout my adulthood. There’s something about art, creating, exploring, and experiencing someone’s reaction to art that brings me peace and wonder. Because of this passion, I pursued a BA in Studio Art, however until a couple of years ago, I hadn’t thought much of turning my passion into a small business. I suppose the pandemic gave me a wake-up call – you should do what you love now because tomorrow is not guaranteed. My journey so far has been full of learning opportunities and meeting new individuals. As I continue growing my business, I look forward to taking on new challenges and bringing joy to all through art. After all, art is for all! Read more>>

Alicia Jean Vanderelli

I was raised in Panama City Florida. After graduating high school, I moved around a lot, searching for where I fit. I lived in South Florida, Atlanta, and Pennsylvania, and eventually settled in Columbus, OH. In early 2000s, my grandfather passed away. After his passing, I made a decision to go back to Columbus College of Art and Design and get my BFA, graduating Magna Cum Laude at 33 years old, while attending CCAD, I was introduced to Milo Arts. Milo is a live/workspace for artists. Intrigued, I moved into Milo and had my first experience with community living through the arts. And then I decided to get married to one of the sweetest men ever and try to have a family. Read more>>

Chayla Hope

I sing and I write music. That’s my thing. My voice is raspy and dramatic. That’s the only way I can describe it. I’m so very proud of the fact that I’m the voice of the theme song for Care Bears: Unlock The Magic, but my accomplishment by far is my record: Damn, Feelings. It took nine months, most weeks, four days a week, eight hours a day to write. It’s my pride and joy and I can’t wait to release it. My first single, “Love in Lo-Fi,” is out April 29! Read more>>

Tibi Regele

I am the owner of Excel Soccer Skills Development. Its mission is to help athletes excel to the next level of soccer. As a coach for club and high school soccer, Coach Tibi has been asked many times by parents for recommendations for their child to continue to build his/her skills in soccer. As a coach, there is no easy answer to this question. Each player’s skills are different and therefore what to practice is innately different. To truly help a soccer athlete grow to their highest potential, I believe that the training must be based on an athlete’s strengths and weaknesses, and individual style of play. Read more>>

Annie Rusche

My story is still being written, but it all started with a quote! My mom pointed out this quote for me a few years ago – “You must do the things you think you cannot do” – Eleanor Roosevelt. I started my career in marketing, eventually leading to me owning my own marketing business. After helping numerous small businesses understand how to market themselves, I realized I wanted to use my marketing skills to fulfill my lifelong passion for designing and selling stationery, paper goods, art, and sweet gifts. It was something I thought I could not do, and seeing that quote on my studio’s desk every day made me realize I could do it. I combined my love for southern hospitality and little things that spark joy in everyday life and Southbound Joy Paper and Gifts was born. Read more>>

Donté Gibbs

I’d be remised if I didn’t acknowledge the influence, impact, and power of the women in my life in terms of my journey to who I am today. Growing up, my mom was instrumental in teaching my siblings and me our morals, values, and Christian beliefs. Granted, as kids, sometimes the belt taught us too lol. My grandmothers were the ones the whole neighborhood knew and loved. They opened their home to everyone and taught me the importance of giving back. My cousins and I began volunteering at food shelters across the city at the age of six. So, for 27 years, I have been an avid volunteer and community advocate (oftentimes not even realizing it). At 12, I was doing park clean-ups. Read more>>

Sandra Shinn and Nichole Zurcher

We’re a sister photography team with an eye for creativity. Nichole and I have always had an interest in photography, starting with when Nichole was 17 and purchasing her first camera. These days, Nichole is 31 and Sandra is 29 — Quite a long time for both of us to have ventured off and now to come back to photography, and to do so on a professional basis! As for our company… We are sisters who both just so happen to be Geminis (and we love zodiac fun), and thus, Gemini Photography was born! We officially launched our business in January of 2022, and while we are a newer company, we have enjoyed the support of our communities so far. Gemini Photography has taken off much quicker than we expected, and we are just so grateful and excited. We both are looking forward to our continued growth. Read more>>

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