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The Trailblazers: Rewriting the Narrative

The editorial team has a special attachment to our new series, The Trailblazers: Rewriting the Narrative, because so many of us feel that media portrayals of women have been too one dimensional. Today, women are doing incredible things in all fields – from science and technology to finance, law, business, athletics and more. With the Trailblazers series, we hope to highlight and celebrate female role models, encourage more equal and just representation in the media, and help foster a more tight-knit community locally helping women find mentors, business partners, friends and more.

Lisa Morton

I was an Interior Designer for ten years and started my first business in Willoughby, Ohio. I loved it and the people I worked with but wanted to incorporate more of my love of nature. I decided to shift my focus, and I began studying Interior Alignment Feng Shui in 2014 and was certified as an Advanced Practitioner in 2018. I have also trained in Medicine Wheel Feng Shui, Color Psychology, Biophilic Design, and Space Clearings. I like to blend these practices in my work to help people balance the energy in their spaces and lives. I have clients in Ohio, Northern Indiana, and others throughout the country that I can work with virtually. Read more>>

Brianna Matzke

I am a pianist, educator, collaborator, and producer. I got started where I grew up, in small-town Minnesota, where my mother was a band director and gave music lessons, and my father helped to lead and run the local community bank. I started to play the piano around the age of 5, and as the years progressed, I became known as the “piano girl,” playing for many important occasions around town. When it came time to apply for college, I knew that I wanted to continue to study music. Read more>>

Tiffany Ferrari

I started my photography journey during my senior year of high school. It started with an unexplainable urgency to document my transition from being co-dependent to becoming totally independent. To capture my friends, teammates, and teachers who had impacted me through the years. I carried a polaroid to school every day, and when I was out of film, I’d go and buy a disposable camera and then bring in rolls of film to be developed. My college years occupied most of my time with the combination of difficult coursework, internships, and working to support myself. Read more>>

Amber Zaricor

I grew up in Coldwater, Ohio, after my dad retired from the Air Force at WPAFB. I’ve always been creative to the core, so much so that I used to color on the walls of base housing when I was little because I thought they were too boring—whoopsie! My love for creativity grew into so many different outlets. In High School, I found out that I could actually make a career out of what I loved. When I was 16, I got my first graphic design job at a screen-printing company, where they trusted me to design tee-shirts, logos, and truck wraps for the local speedway. I felt like I was working almost full-time in graphic design before I even graduated high school! Read more>>

Alisa Loeblein

I got my start in the DJ world many years ago, primarily while playing in hockey tournaments in my hometown area in and around Minneapolis, Minnesota. Music was always a significant part of my life, and throughout my different career paths, I kept my love for music in the forefront by providing the soundtrack to endless parties and gatherings. About ten years ago, I was able to make music my primary career choice and began working with a large wedding DJ company in the Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio areas. For two straight years, I received training in the industry and performed up to three weddings every weekend during primary wedding season. Read more>>

Danielle Edwards

My name is Danielle Edwards. I am a wife to Dr. Kevin Edwards, OB/GYN, and mom to Zoe (8), Izabel (6), and Kevin (2). For the first 10 years of my career, I worked as a strategy and technology consultant, supporting fortune 500 companies in defining their organizational strategies and solving their most pressing issues. I then became a Vice President at Teach for America, leading a Talent and Operations team and contributing to a mission that is near and dear to my heart education equity and excellence for communities that need it most. Read more>>

Sarah Marie

My favorite childhood memories, from as far back as I can remember, revolve around me creating things (and, let’s get real… me making major messes). From flour and water art to mud pies in my backyard, no paper or art supplies were safe. I was allowed to make messes and learn from a very young age; I don’t think there was a point where I my imagination wasn’t running wild. In kindergarten, I was asked what I wanted to do when I grew up, and I just wanted to be a mom (to 100 kids) and be an artist. Read more>>

Paula Hershman

Storehouse Tea, Delicious teas ethically produced to heal, connect, and transform communities. When Paula Hershman decided to quit drinking coffee for health reasons, it set her on the path to discovering the joys and health benefits of fresh, organic loose-leaf tea. Then in 2007, when she was looking to transition from her graphic design business, Paula saw the need for a Cleveland-based loose-leaf tea business. Wanting her company to create excellent, hand-crafted healthy products while having a positive social and environmental impact, she pursued Organic and Fair-Trade certifications for their teas and moved the business to an area where she could employ the refugees and immigrants in the neighborhood. Read more>>

Dana Acy

I have been a surety bail bonds agent for almost 20 years. I am also a life insurance broker. What most people do not realize is it’s another form of Insurance. It is not the future I had planned but life is full of surprises I am happy to be in the insurance industry. At first, I thought maybe I’m crazy to choose such an unconventional career. After I thought about it, I saw a chance to help many families at one of the most stressful times of their lives. In my childhood and in my neighborhood, prison was almost expected. Read more>>

Leah Umberger

I grew up in the countryside of Ohio, raised by my mother. I always had a strong interest in fashion, even from a young age. I loved to play and dress up my Bratz dolls and I was always starting small “fake” businesses, such as “Leah’s Walmart”. I think part of my love for fashion came from all the time I spent in thrift stores growing up. My older sister would go to local thrift stores to buy clothing and then resell them for a higher profit on eBay. She had taught my mom how to do it as well so we would all go together and split up at the stores. Read more>>

Dana Vingris

I’m a Dayton transplant. I moved from Toledo nearly 5 years ago and quickly fell in love with Dayton and the energy it has to offer. I previously owned an art store in Toledo with a business partner but exited the partnership when I decided to pursue graduate school. I missed having the store and desired to have that type of experience again. When we were looking to relocate, we were evaluating places to live on several factors – one of which was if the opportunity to open an art supply store at some point would be feasible. Read more>>

Aleisha Erwin

My name is Aleisha Erwin, myself along with my husband are the owners of Erwin Farms & Corn Maze in Winchester Ohio. I also am the owner and operator of ” The Farmer’s Wife & Garden Barn.” We Have 4 Children. 15, 12, 5, and 1 year. 12 years ago, I found myself a Single mom waiting tables at a mom & pop diner in our rural community. I didn’t believe in fairy tales, rainbows, and butterflies, or happy endings because my life was anything but that. Long story short, I met my now husband, and we decided to blend our families. Read more>>

Tiffany Diaz

I started my blogging journey back in 2016 after I had finished my Master’s degree and still had a passion for all things fashion and lifestyle. I had followed one of my favorite bloggers, Taralynn McNitt for years and finally decided to take the leap and start my own! It started off as “Sincerely Tiffany” and has grown now to “Today with Tiffany” where I post all things fashion, sales, and everyday life. I love meeting new people via the internet and Instagram and cultivating a community of friends. Read more>>

Susan W. Saltzman

Born and raised in the suburbs of Cleveland, I was an artistic kid, and my parents noticed, encouraging me to sign up for every art class we could find. I especially enjoyed taking Saturday classes at the Cleveland Museum of Art. As a teen, I took several metal smithing classes and was hooked! My dad really loved beaches, so we spent a lot of weekends at Lake Erie and summer vacations in New England. I collected beach glass and beach stones for years. Read more>>

Stacey Pavlin

Growing up, I always loved color, fabrics, sewing, needlepoint, and fashion. As a young mother, I wanted my kids to have cozy and welcoming bedrooms that made them feel safe. As my oldest son Zachary left for college, I wanted him to take a piece of my heart and home to South Bend with him. Each year that he returned to college and as he eventually moved to New York City-that, desire kept returning to me. Less than a week after Zachary moved to New York City, our only daughter, Adeline, left for college. Read more>>

Rebekah Weiss

My first job was at a Dairy Queen, and this may have sparked my love for being around food. Even then at age 16, I loved experimenting with all the different blizzard mix-ins, creating my own masterpiece 😉 I moved on to waiting tables next, which continued for about a decade until I finished law school. I always truly loved working with the public, bringing a smile to their faces, helping them enjoy a meal out. Read more>>

Lindsey Stemann

I have always been a spiritual individual (not religious, they are different) who was a rebel and a rule breaker at heart. Throughout my early childhood & young adult years, I struggled with fitting in, following the constructs of what society considered normal, and finding my purpose in this wild & crazy life. In the fall of 2019, I hit a severe depression (the worst I’ve had in my life thus far) that led me to find a healthy way to cope through yoga. That was my church, my savior. From there, I started to embrace who I am and live as authentically as possible. Read more>>

Rachel Griffin

My journey officially began at age thirteen. I had suddenly began writing poetry in my notebooks in my bedroom. I was feeling, thinking, and going through so much before and after that I wasn’t conscious of what I was doing. That led to me being solid on my future career. Photography had not been considered an addition until my final year of high school. Realizing how fun it is and how much I could incorporate that into what I write, the more confident I became in my decision. My fascination for books had launched as well. Read more>>

Qiana Taylor

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been into crafts, creating things, and designing whatever I could, I have always had a creative mind, and any time I get to use my creativity, my heart truly smiles. I have a passion and deep love for ALL crafts. Anything that I can create using my hands or putting my own design to it, I am ALWAYS ready for it. Fast Forward to 2020, which is when I started my business, Thirty-one13 Creations LLC. I was on quarantine like everyone else watching YouTube and Facebook videos. Read more>>

Kristen Wilson

About 6 or 7 years ago I remember looking out my window as my kids and husband were playing outside and asking me to go somewhere on a Sunday, which probably means I could go. But I couldn’t. I was working. On my computer. For a job I worked really hard at but did not enjoy. I had always enjoyed the practice of yoga and dreamt about becoming a teacher and quitting my job. So, after a lot of heart-wrenching and quite honestly difficult conversations with my husband, I did just that. And I bought a convertible. I always wanted a convertible. Read more>>

Leah Harper

I came from a family that was heavily influenced in the arts, and they wanted to expose me to as many different aspects of art as possible. They had me take art classes, dance classes, music, theater, pottery, sculpture, and so on. They also had me very involved in all different types of sports, so I grew up very active as well. I ended up falling in love with classical piano, and that was my first obsession before acting. I dove deep into the world of music and even majored in classical piano. I absolutely loved music and still do, but there was a small part of me that also knew I was supposed to act and to tell stories. Read more>>

Jessica Volke

Between the ages of 18 and 25, I had 20 different jobs. After 20 failed attempts at finding something I loved doing, I came to the conclusion that I am just not made to have a normal, 9-5 job and live my life like every other “normal” person in America. That realization stirred up two emotions in me: 1. Excitement! I no longer had to dread every day of my life because I was doing something I hated and only have the weekends to look forward to! I want to look forward to every day, and love every day of my life! Read more>>

Rose Seeger

I started Green City Resources in 2008, wanting to “green” the city with rooftop gardens. Growing up on our family farm I was able to take my lifetime agriculture background and put it with my engineering background to form for me, the perfect scenario; rooftop gardens. With every garden, our work progressed into more than just a green space, but into a healing space. Whether it is healing the environment or healing people, we knew our work was special. Read more>>

Ashley Kline

I was born and raised in Cleveland! As a kid, I was always creative and curious. Whether it was art, music, makeup, nails, or hair – I was always having my hands in something! Growing up, my style and my body shape always created problems with getting bullied in school. From middle school throughout high school, I was so insecure in my body. I had a lot of friends that were also bullied or just felt uncomfortable in their own skin. I hated hearing the way they spoke about themselves and quickly began to see that we were our own worst enemies. Read more>>

Miriam Baranov

As a child, we moved around a lot internationally and nationally which made it challenging for me to connect with others since there would be a language and culture barrier. There were two things that no matter where I was helped me communicate with others. Math and Art are those two things that are an international system of communication. Since then, that became my foundation of how I make a living and express myself. Read more>>

Ashley Arnett

Getting started was a bit of a happy accident. I was a medical assistant and my husband (then boyfriend) was in the military so I moved to be closer to him. When I arrived there were issues with my certification in my new state and I decided to switch into a passion path, which was cosmetology. I think the biggest struggle is believing in yourself. Imposter syndrome is so real and prevalent in the beauty industry. So, learning to believe in yourself and trust your skill set is super important. Read more>>

Andrea Reed

I’m weird… I’ve known what I wanted to do with my life since I was 7 years old. I went with my dad to his physical therapy appointment, saw the colorful balls, weights, and trampoline, and I was sold. Fast forward 20 years, and I had graduated from physical therapy school and was in love with my chosen profession, where I was able to help people rebound from injuries and get back to their lives. My “game” as a physical therapist changed when I found CrossFit and functional fitness in my personal life which unleashed a desire not only for myself to get more fit and strong but to somehow marry this foundation with physical therapy. Read more>>

Jenna Bull

Being invited into one of the most intimate and special days of someone’s life (their wedding day) is such a rewarding feeling. And as soon as you are a part of planning and designing a wedding, you become addicted! Hi, I’m Jenna Bull, the owner of Bull + Beloved! I fell in love with wedding planning over 5 years ago when I worked under the apprenticeship of a local Wedding Planner in Lexington, Kentucky. I acted as a sponge, soaking up everything I could from my internship. Read more>>

Jennifer Price

It all started when I knew college was not for me. Art has always been a huge passion of mine. So, when trying to decide to do for the rest of my life for my career, I had some choices to make. I had toyed around with a few things before deciding that hairdressing is where I wanted to be. I started with a high-end salon right away and completed my training as I was in beauty school. That salon did end up leaving the Columbus market only 2 short years after I started. having to start over and at that time only doing cutting and styling I needed to do a reset. Read more>>

Katie Curry

I’ve always worked a full-time job and somehow found other hobbies that would also make me money. I’ve always worked hard and been driven to be successful. I opened up an eBay account in 2009 and started listing random things trying to get rid of things while making some money as well. I fell into direct sales which it was always “not allowed” to sell their products on platforms like eBay. I never did understand why. I realized I needed to get into something else that I enjoyed, loved, was passionate for, and I wasn’t breaking any rules. Read more>>

Katy Oberle

I’ve always been an “old soul” and spiritual seeker; I was so fascinated by what I learned in my high school psychology class that I majored in psychology in college. That fascination with human behavior morphed into a specific interest in studying human relationship dynamics, and I received my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. Over the next 15 years, I worked as a licensed therapist in various practice settings, counseling hundreds of individuals, couples, and families. Read more>>

Christina Miller

I started off working part-time for a chiropractor and part-time for Massage Envy. I did that for 6 years before I worked up enough nerve to venture out on my own. One of my colleagues reached out wanting to see if I would be interested in renting a room for massage therapy. I took that leap and started working for myself in 2015. Things were very slow at first, but then I started retaining more clients, and they were referring others to me as well. Read more>>

Sarah Bickel

In 2017 I went to a food truck festival and left with the crazy idea of starting a food truck. That evening I hopped on Craigslist and the next day found myself on my way to Monroe Michigan, where I purchased my cute vintage camper. A lot happened since that day, I was studying business at the Ohio State University, working two jobs so I could graduate debt free. Meanwhile, my dream of renovating my ‘50’s camper into a smoothie camper got put on the back burner. Read more>>

Shannon Kane

I have always had a love for beauty – hair, skincare, makeup, fashion. I always did my friend’s hair & makeup for school dances, weddings, and other events. I decided to go to hair school after graduating high school. I attended Brown Aveda Institute in Strongsville in 2016 & received my license in 2017. I went through an additional training program at the first salon I worked at and truly learned a lot. I was able to get a deeper understanding of hair and how to properly apply techniques I was taught for a specific outcome. Read more>>

Shanna Delaney

Ever since I was a child, I felt most like myself when I was performing. From performing in my parents’ living room to county talent shows to high school musicals, I always loved expressing myself through music. Fast forward a few years, when I went to school at Kent State University, before starting my job as an English teacher, I met my husband, Eric Ling, and we started our first band, Bethesda. Read more>>

Naomi Prusinski

My partner and I have owned multi locations salons in WI for 15 years; we also do salon coaching and love helping other business owners. My partner, Shannon Lopez, works on the accounting and financials in our business, and I work on the operations and marketing. During covid, Shannon had looked for every opportunity to help us financially. She was instrumental in getting us 2 rounds of PPP loans and having those forgiven as well, keeping us afloat and our business running. Read more>>

Ada Denise

I started modeling at the age of 14 I signed my 1 contact in 2014 at the age of 22 and have been signed to local and surrounding agencies every sense modeling for company’s and brands such as Dasani water, Victoria’s Secret, Vera Bradley, Hennessy VSOP, Ragazza boutique, OHLQ and more. I recently acquired the title MissToledo running for Miss Ohio America Strong 2022, which I was not chosen, but it help me get the extra push I need in focusing on my own career and production company “Model moves Production,” my goal in the next 6 year is to bring one of the biggest production studios to the northwest Ohio area, start my own homestead (farmer & farmers market) while still modeling for local and national brands. Read more>>

Christina Bayley

I started Martial Arts when I was 6 years old. I am now 48 years old. I open my own Martial Arts facility almost 23 years ago. I have been on the USA Olympic Taekwondo National Team, fought in over 25 countries. I am a current USA National Team coach for AAU and will be inducted into the AAU Olympic Taekwondo Hall of Fame on July 5th, 2022. I empower everyone who comes through my doors by teaching Martial Arts to empower them to defend themselves and achieve their specific goals. I love what I did. Martial Arts has been a lifelong passion. Read more>>

Jessica Dickey

I started making wax melts as a hobby, but it quickly turned into a business. I no longer worked outside of my house due to chronic illness, and opening this business allowed me to earn an income and be creative at the same time. It’s mostly been a smooth road; summertime seems to be the most difficult part of year for me as people are using their money for vacations verses a luxury item for their home. So, sales are always down compared to the rest of the year. Some people are also concerned about their order melting in transit, though I have not had that happen in my six years of business. Read more>>

Micah Branch

I grew up in Columbus, Ohio. I’m the youngest out of 4, and I just remember my mom doing her best to raise us by herself. We were raised in strict church-going household, but we also lived in the hood, where it was normal to hear gunshots every other night or someone dying. I remember times with no electricity and sometimes having to heat up water on the stove to wash up in. I was a very imaginative kid and energetic, loved being the center of attention. Read more>>

Mary Kistner

I am a stay-at-home mom to four kiddos. My husband works a lot, and I was looking for something to do. Something I could do from home, for fun, on my time. I needed an outlet after being a human jungle gym all day. Halloween was coming up, and I admire people’s “porch scapes” and told myself I was going to learn how to make doormats. After learning and coming up with some ideas, I executed and was invited to be a vendor at a private shopping event, and the rest is history! Read more>>

Rhonda McQuilkin

In the Summer of 2017, with the support and encouragement of family, we started Love the Lotus, a tee shirt company with high-quality, screen-printed tees focusing on uplifting messages. We loved the idea of supporting our local community and giving back as much as possible. It was a total family operation, with my husband screen printing the tees in our basement and my son and daughter-in-law helping with the designs. We started going to markets around the area, and the community seemed to really like our tees. Read more>>

Sarah & Rebekah Jones

Honestly, our story began with someone else’s creative and generous spirit. We can still remember when as little girls our mother taught herself the art of crocheting. With a book, determination, and an inquisitive spirit, she not only learned a new skill, she immediately shared this wonderful skill with my sister and me, we were right there learning with her. Our father, who is also very creative but more business-minded, would always encourage us to think bigger, to use our imagination, knowing that we could achieve anything with hard work, determination, and the right attitude. Read more>>

Brittany Fox

I’ve always had an interest in photography. I was the girl who filled up multiple disposable cameras at school functions from elementary school through high school. I’ve always feared that I would forget memories unless I photographed them to look back on. Fresh out of high school (2008) is when I started getting told that I should be a photographer because I would take pretty photos of landscapes. A few years later, I took my sister’s senior photos and that’s when my desire to turn my passion into a career sparked. Read more>>

Brittany Deininger

I’ve been baking since 2018 and started with box cake mix. I made a few cakes but realized quickly cupcakes were most fun for me. After I got comfortable with box mixes, I started making cupcake recipes from scratch. I never really did bake too many staple flavors; it was unique and fun stuff almost immediately. I’m all about exploring new, fun, and fresh flavors. Some of my personal favorites include coriander almond and hatch chile with apple. Read more>>

Stephanie Scales

When you are sick of being sick and tired, you move your feet swiftly. In 2017, I made the decision to go vegan. I’d been on the fence with this thought for quite a while, but it wasn’t until I relocated to Atl that I took immediate action. Being there gave me the accessibility to farmers’ markets and healthier food options. After the 3rd year of being vegan, I felt as though there was an open market for me to create a product. This product was a mock vegan “ranch.” This amazing SŌS is called Plantbawdy SŌS (pronounced sauce), it is an alkaline hempseed-based sauce that can be used on salads, wraps, dipping sauce, and really just about anything. Read more>>

Ariana Perez

My journey started working in the medical field. I worked in long-term care facilities and took care of patients that had Alzheimer’s and dementia. I groomed them when they would go a long time without getting a haircut or shaved. It was my favorite part about taking care of my patients and making them feel good through the end of their lives and just being supportive. That’s when I decided to become a barber; I was licensed in 2013. I’m originally from the Youngstown, Ohio, and started my career. Read more>>

Erica C. Penick

I was born in Cleveland, OH, and raised in Birmingham, AL. My family history is rooted in civil rights activism and I was blessed to grow up knowing and learning from individuals such as my mother and grandmother, whose images hang in the Birmingham Civil rights Museum as survivors of the Bethel Baptist Church bombings, my great aunt and grandmother who prepared meals and hosted Martin Luther King, Jr. during his journey back and forth to Birmingham, A.G Gaston who owned some the most prominent Black-Owned businesses, and Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth, a founder in the civil rights movement. Read more>>

Samantha Russell

Samantha Elizabeth Russell is a Cincinnati, Ohio Native. Her love for the arts began at an early age, writing songs and choreographing dance routines with her cousins. Her dancing career continued in High School as she performed competitively and choreographed several musicals; OKLAHOMA, RAGTIME, and SOUTH PACIFIC. Samantha attended the University of Cincinnati, where she continued to perform in talent shows and step competitions with her sorority, Sigma Gamma Rho. Inc. Upon graduating with intent to go into the field of Marketing, she caught the acting bug and joined Cincinnati Black Theatre Company. Read more>>

Kristi M. Freeman

I’ve actually attempted entrepreneurship many times before starting Mindful Life Coaching in 2021. I had a promotional products business that lasted for all of 18 months. I helped my husband run a towing and automotive repossession company for several years. I just couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do that would hold my attention. I really didn’t feel connected with any of my prior projects and would consequently go back to a 9-5. Read more>>

Daniela Lima

I am Brazilian and have been living in the US for over 20 years. I came to the US to attend college. I LOVE NUTRITION! I have always been fascinated by the science behind food and that the mindset plays a big part of nutrition. For example, if you are under a lot of stress, you can’t just eat organic and expect to feel well. In life, what you eat, as well as what you think are very important. When my middle child had to change her diet, I remember going home after the doctor’s appointment, parking my car, and crying with her. I just didn’t know where to begin. Read more>>

Rachel Dangerfield

I was born and raise in Youngstown, Ohio by a teacher and an antique dealer/auctioneer. My mom, the teacher, instilled a sense of wonder and childhood magic in me, while my dad, the antique dealer, gave me a love of all things old, vintage, and retro. It’s wild to look at my work now and to see both of these influences. I moved to Columbus for college in 2006 and attended the Columbus College of Art & Design. I studied graphic design and met my illustrator husband, Dave Armstrong there. After college, I bounced around a few small design studios and ad agencies before deciding to go off on my own. Read more>>

Haylie Robinson

Today HayRobin Media Productions LLC is working on a PBS television program titled Finding Festivals, but it all began with a dream and a “no.” From the time I was a child watching the Travel Channel with my grandmother, I knew I always wanted to be a travel show host. Serving my hometown in an ambassador role as the Clyde Fair Queen and visiting neighboring festivals is what birthed the travel show concept “Finding Festivals.” At the time, many didn’t believe a television series about festivals would be good, but one person, my role model, did – Samantha Brown. Read more>>

Shelby Horvath

Of course! I started on my photography journey without realizing I was even on it. I grew up back and forth between Vermilion and Amherst, so right on the lake! From a really young age, I had an interest in the arts. And I really mean all of them. I really loved to sing, dance, act, draw, paint, play with clay, play instruments, mess around with cameras, and the list goes on. I took a huge interest in painting in drawing. A lot of this was because of my dad and my grandma who are both artists. Read more>>

Erin Cullin

Where to begin? I have had a lifelong love affair with all things health: fitness, nutrition, spiritual practices. I started in the fitness industry back in 2014 as a group fitness instructor for a big box chain. That was amazing but did a lot of damage to my body and I did not have the knowledge back then that I possess now. I was teaching many group classes a day and not properly fueling my body. Read more>>

Natoshia Haley

In 2016 I started my modeling journey with runway! I had no idea there was a network for plus models and events on Ohio and once I secured a spot in the show, the rest is history! I met an insane amount of women from different walls of life wanting to embody who they were and unapologetically flip off the fashion industry with representation of fat bodies! #curvetherunway I did this along with print modeling for about 5yrs! I have modeled in NY Fashion Week, been published in The Curvy Con Newsletter, and built a platform that empowers and supports the positivity of body imagery. Read more>>

Meredith Piccin

I began my career in corporate America as a visual merchandiser and later as a wardrobe stylist and entrepreneur. After meeting my husband and starting a family, I discovered my love for creating jewelry while playing with my Grandmother Honey Rosenkranz’s vintage pieces. I began to see that breathing new life into old pieces was a better way for the environment and the fashion industry.  Read more>>

Whitney Fowler

I have always loved weddings and have always been in them and apart of them with family and friends. I would help design and make sure their day went exactly how they wanted it to. I knew I always wanted to be in the wedding industry I just didn’t know where I would fit in. I was modeling for a styled shoot and recognized the planner of the shoot and instantly connected with her. I assisted her with weddings for a summer and instantly fell in love with the planning process. Read more>>

Kayla Fuller

A few years ago, when I purchased my first home, I came across some bloggers/influencers that I was easily influenced by and helped me get an idea of what kind of decorating style I wanted to go with. At that time, I had no idea an influencer was a thing and thought that it would be cool to start posting lifestyle and outfit photos. So, I did it, and I wasn’t sure where I was going with it; I still really don’t. I just have fun with it, and it’s super helpful that I have a supportive husband as well! He is such a trooper, if I bribe him with coffee, then he is content taking photos of me! Read more>>

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