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The Change-Makers: stories that inspire

The heart of our mission is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our communities. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some incredible artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with the incredible group below. Check out our favorite stories from across the Voyage family.

Natika Polk

The Curve Vault started simply from my love of fashion. I have always loved putting on the latest stylish clothes. For me, it’s a form of expression of self-love. We consider ourselves a curvy girl specialist. We offer our plus-size ladies an experience where you will be treated like family, all while being encouraged to love, embrace and flaunt your curves! I have met so many women on this journey that have fallen out of love with their bodies, for many valid reasons. I always get from ladies “well you can wear a crop top, or catsuit or bear arms because you’re confident, or because I’m not a size 3-4X. I want them to know once you come shop with The Curve Vault, you will leave with enough encouragement to express yourself in anything you want wear. Read more>>

Liz Hughes

Jared and Liz now live and work at “The Ranch” with their two young girls and their two Australian shepherds. An amazing staff of plant professionals allows them to grow far more unique and interesting plants than they ever dreamed. In addition to the diversity of plants, Jared and Liz enjoy making the ranch a family-friendly, whimsical oasis of escape for customers from all over the country. Throwing caution to the wind, Jared and Liz went full force into their new venture, Groovy Plants Ranch! They pulled up their home and business in Cardington and moved to the property in Fargo. Jared opened up the door to retail while Liz continued teaching. The first year of retail at GPR was a challenge, as Jared did most of the retail and growing himself. Read more>>

Patrick Walker

 I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs; was a professional musician; in my 20’s; co-founded a company at age 30 and another at age 40. The part of running a business that I loved the most was helping my staff to develop and grow, so I took many coaching trainings in the last 10 years of my entrepreneurial career. After selling my business in late 2016, I met the founder of the telos institute, Rick Simmons, and they offered me a position doing consulting and executive coaching with entrepreneurs, managers, and C-suite executives, which I’ve loved doing – wonderful work with motivated clients who want to become the best versions of themselves at work and in life in general. And it allows me the flexibility to do the other things I love – traveling, mentoring, volunteering, playing music, and working with my wife Jeanne in our company – nörthish -doing coaching and facilitation work. Read more>>

Hiromi Platt

I always was loved taking photos and making albums and scrapbooks ever since I was a little child. I had never owned the real camera until my husband gifted it to me on my 35th birthday randomly. My another passion is animals. I have been involved in animal rescue groups for years now. I am usually at the annual event called My Furry Valentines, which adopted over 1000 animals past 10 years. Giving my photography service and time for good cause is very rewarding. Also, I started the project called “Dance for the Paws” in 2015, where I photograph adoptable animals with ballet dancers. It helps to spread the importance of adopting and saving lives, and some merchandise like calendars made great profit to rescue organizations. Read more>>

Denise B

In Lovely Light Photography is a second career for me. I was a high school French teacher for many years, but when my oldest son was born, I left my job as a teacher to take care of him. I had always loved taking pictures but as my son grew, I was taking more and more pictures and decided I wanted to turn my camera to manual mode and learn how to really take pictures well. Eventually, I started taking pictures of other people and In Lovely Light Photography was born. Read>>

Vanny Mwamba

I’m constantly exploring tangents. As a serial entrepreneur, this exploration is a gift and a curse. A consistent truth is that you confront the marketplace with your own operating system; the intellectual glitches in your system are the price you’ll pay while learning. Granted, there are lots of factors to take into consideration besides my individual challenges, like people, place, and paradigm. My goal is to not stay in risk behavior for too long. Rather, to learn fast and process data with clarity and deep intellectual honesty to get out of my own fog. Also, I once was told by an old man that if you don’t live on the edge that means you are taking too much space. Read more>>

Vate Succulents

I started VATE as a way to do what I love in a way that my friends, family, and customers can also enjoy. It started at home with a small collection of houseplants which quickly grew to take over my apartment. Learning how to properly care for each individual plant was challenging, and I enjoyed sharing cuttings and caretaking tips with my friends. The joy and fulfillment I received from caring for so many different plants inspired me to try growing on a larger scale. In 2021, we attended various farmers’ markets every week. The connections we made – both with customers and other small business owners – were so valuable to us. We found a great community and were given the opportunity to learn about the problems that plant-owners face in keeping their plants healthy. We spent the summer learning from and supporting both new and veteran plant-owners and enjoyed every minute. Read more>>

Justus King

I am an international fashion & commercial model, actor, singer, dancer, photographer, and content creator. At the start of the pandemic, I became more known through my social media as I created content that went viral on social media channels stemming from TikTok. In addition to these hats I wear, I also wear the hat of an engineer at a Fortune 500 company after getting my electrical engineering degree at Colorado School of Mines in 2020. Tagging back to my content creation, I am proud of my work because it sets me apart in that it displays the true me. A funny and sometimes loud black man who is a fashion-expert, model, singer, dancer, actor, comedian, photographer, Christian, and engineer. Read more>>


I started off rapping in elementary school. Fell in love with writing songs at a young age. I also picked up dance along the way which caught a lot of people’s eye. After I finished high school, I auditioned to be a backup dancer & made it. Got a little taste of tour life & that gave me more drive to make my own music. The moment I dropped a music video called “taxfree”, people caught onto it and I’ve been growing my fan base ever since.  Read more>>

Ernest Levert Jr.

Chess is a universal language, played in every country in the world and spanning over 1500 years of global history. Chess appeals to those who enjoy cerebral stimulation and recreation. The royal game has allowed me to build friendships, connect with mentors, and serve others in a fun and invigorating way. This all led to the establishment of The Royal Oak Initiative (ROI), a chess-based mentoring and social change organization that seeks to use the wisdom of chess to protect, heal, and build community by cultivating collective wellness, mindfulness, and critical thinking. Read more>>

Aaron McDaniel

I started Blueprint Investments over ten years ago, out of a desire to utilize the real estate vehicle as a means to freedom. I didn’t know what it would look like, but I knew that if I was consistent, I could find my lane and take advantage! We started with small single-family properties during the real estate downtown (08) and then transitioned to flips as the market heated up (17) and we currently focus on traditional rentals, short-term rentals, multi-family, and development opportunities. Read more>>

Chelsee Joel

It all started a decade ago when I began taking conscious steps for my health and mental wellbeing. I was 19 and had been dealing with debilitating anxiety and depression, and I needed to make some BIG changes. I was seeking answers that would help improve my life. I knew what I didn’t want to feel anymore. That knowledge catalyzed me to start studying herbalism and transforming my lifestyle via diet and integrating more holistic practices into my life. My parents and grandparents were creative entrepreneurs growing up. Still, I think a big kickstart was my mom listening to Deepak Chopra on tape (he is an Ayurvedic Dr and has been a big inspiration in my life). I believe wholeheartedly that these key aspects deeply impacted me and where I am today. Read more>>

Nolen Mccafferty

I’ve been in the woodworking trade for approximately 20 years. It started as a hobby to make things I needed around my new home, like a dining table, tv stand, etc. During this time, I held a full-time job as a Wholesale Parts Mgr for the largest Honda dealership in the US. I would work at the dealership from 7 to 5 and in my woodshop in the late evenings and weekends. I picked up whatever tools I could find on Facebook, Craigslist, yard sales, and auctions. You can get your start in this trade with just a handful of basic tools. I scoured the internet and YouTube for build tutorials and plans to keep learning and progressing my skill. As time went by, I acquired bigger and stronger tools, allowing me to build bigger and more complex pieces. I gradually drifted away from following other builders’ plans and designing my own. Read more>>

Kevin Jones

The foundation of it all is the music. Specifically, the sound of the drums. I started off playing the drums in church. That drew me to anything with drums in it. Listening to music changed for me drastically and I always wanted to copy parts of songs I loved on the radio into my sets at church. Gradually I began working in studios and one day I was asked to recite a rap verse on a song just to test mic levels and I was stuck. From that day I turned the little mic on my computer into my studio mic and I started recording myself. Eventually, I found my way to some better quality and learned my way around a full studio. I spent years recording myself and other artists. In 2017 I partnered with a friend to open up Brick House Studios in Brooklyn. Read more>>

Bradly Grizzard

I learned about the possibility of dialysis and what kidney failure was, what dietary restrictions needed to be in place to help slow the progression, and what therapy drugs could be administered as well. My disease was classified as, glomerulonephritis or “inflammation and damage to the filtering part of the kidneys (glomerulus). For the last 2 years of high school, I had a couple of surgeries, many different drugs, and different diet plans to stop the kidney from being destroyed any further. Unfortunately, during finals week of my first semester in college, I went into full-blown kidney failure and was placed on dialysis. I spent the second semester, of my freshman year, going to my classes during the day and getting nocturnal dialysis at night from 10 pm-6 am. Read more>>

Twan Gotti

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Oh. My uncle was a big inspiration to me coming up, he was a Dj at a reggae night club and while he worked sneak downstairs in the basement to mess around on his beat machine, it was an mpc. after a while he ended up giving me that same beat machine, and from there is how I started making beats .Well, I produce, develop websites, shoot music videos, and engineer. I’m like a 1 stop shop for artists and I think that’s what separates me from the normal producer. 1 of my goals is to break artists from Cincinnati and help them achieve industry quality work without the big-budget resources . Read more>>

Colette Uwagba

I am a traveling professional photographer based in Cleveland, OH. I specialize in single/family portraits, engagement and wedding, and maternity photography. I believe in taking advantage of powerful moments that can take us back in time. I am known for my engagement and wedding photography which is my favorite. I am very proud of ALL my work. I really enjoy capturing an entire wedding day and seeing the pictures come to life once it is all put together. What sets me apart from other photographers is fact that I make sure I communicate with my clients effectively and retain the clean and clear copy of a portrait. Read more>>

Wyatt Moadus

I specialize now in small goods such as wallets and other everyday carry items, in particular those made from exotic materials such as alligator and crocodile. By posting consistent work on social media and other places, I began to develop a name for myself as someone capable of doing very high-end work, and subsequently the business part of my enterprise grew rapidly, more so than I expected. I do primarily custom commissioned pieces but also offer a standard selection of made-to-order wallets for people to choose from.Around 2017 I became actively involved in the Reddit leatherworking community and together with a few of the other moderators, we started the leatherworking , which is probably the biggest single force that drove me from a hobbyist to a professional basis. Read more>>

Saibrea Bogan

My name is Saibrea . I’m a freelance photographer/visual creator. I have been self-teaching myself photography for 10 years now. I remember when I first recognized my talents. I was a freshman in college and I started a small business making customized bowties. It was really a big hit! I did custom orders and was even in a few fashion shows for my designs. I began to do my own marketing for my bowtie business by having my friends model my bowties, then post the photos on social media. I always tried to get creative, step out the box with my marketing photos for my bowties business! Eventually, people took a liking to my photos more and even myself enjoyed photographing my friends. I think this is when I truly realized I could really take this somewhere. Growing up I always had a camera, but that specific moment really sealed the deal that I enjoyed photography and creating. Read more>>

Justin Chenault

Justin was recently promoted as the Executive Director for North Hill Community Development Corporation. Because of his previous experience in commercial construction, he applies a unique perspective to economic and community development in Akron. He leads, creates, and develops systems and teams that achieve high output productivity with sustainable outcomes. Justin believes in instilling greatness in every team member, eliminating nonproductive hierarchies in the workplace, and empowering employees to command their positions. He is passionate about community, making deals happen, and creating opportunities and impact. Read more>>

Summer Lippert

When I was 17 my mom suggested I look into being a hairstylist. I was a dancer growing up and became inspired by the environment around me. I graduated from the Aveda Fredrics institute in 2012 and have been doing hair behind the chair ever since! I started my career in my hometown and knew that I needed to push myself creatively and experience the big city living. I currently live in Northside with my boyfriend, Brandon, who is a super talented barber at Clifton Barbers in Cincinnati! I am now an independent stylist at Olive & Ivy salon and I have been there for almost 2 years. I can’t even begin to explain what this place means to me. Meg Gilbert is the owner and honestly, I have never met a person like her. She has done things for me and everyone at the salon that I will always be so thankful for. She has given the city a sense of equality and myself a place I can be my truest self. Read more>>

Jim Szudy

My story is quite simple. My father had an old Sony camera he used for work which he no longer used. I found it in my parent’s basement one day and started taking pictures. I haven’t stopped taking pictures, although I have had some upgrades in my equipment. I still have that old Sony camera. When you express what they cannot, it is a special connection that can lead to hope and survival. I have been deeply rooted in the Cleveland art and culture community for over 25 years. As a freelance photographer, writer, musician/noiseician, filmmaker, music producer, and graphic artist, I have had the great fortune to connect with the most creative minds, souls, and energy, especially in Cleveland. My photography in particular has given me the opportunity to document so many important moments and people not only in my life but also other people’s lives. Read more>>

Alex Crawley

After a tough, unfading impression of childhood, an abusive relationship, and a wild military career, I am a happily married mother of a glorious 5-year-old with a unique profession within the small business community. Yay!  After ten years in the United States Air Force, I decided it was time to focus on myself and my family, so I became a stay-at-home parent. One day, my kiddo’s stuffy bunny popped at the seam, fuzzy innards everywhere. If you’re familiar with children, you can understand how devastating this is in a household. I was not willing to let bunny parish. I summoned my very tiny seventh-grade home economic skills. Bunny still lives on! Read more>> 

Alex Vlasov

It has been a long road. Ten years ago, I came to the U.S. almost without any knowledge of English, and here I am today giving you this interview. Any start is always rough. I had to move around a lot, worked all kinds of hard labor jobs that you can imagine, etc. But I always wanted to go to school. I did not know what for though, but living in the New York area for a long time allowed me to go to art museums. For instance, the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Museum of Modern Art. There, I spent all my free time starring at paintings by Philip Guston, Cy Twombly, and Jackson Pollock. This is what probably got me into painting. And, of course, Lane Cooper. She was teaching Art History class during my foundation year at Cleveland Institute of Art. Her love for painting is incredible, during that class I realized I want to be a painter for the rest of my life. Read more>>

John R. Legg

I’ve always been interested in photography and history. As a young boy, folks could find me climbing on top of Civil War-era monuments at Antietam in Maryland and posing for a photograph. Or, you could have found me scourging flea markets in search of a fun film camera to bring on a vacation to Disney World. I always loved to document my experiences. When I turned 21, I moved from Michigan to Georgia. My cousin, Josh, a guitarist, often played at a few different blues clubs in Macon, Georgia. After a few gigs, I started to take photos with my cell phone, capturing fun moments to look back on. After purchasing my first camera, a point-and-shoot digital camera, I realized how much fun music photography was and that I need to do it more often. Read more>>

Jama Bains

In 2016 I was a couple years out of art school and looking for a job, any sort of day job that would just pay the rent. I stumbled across a craigslist ad for a customer service position at a bakery. It was about 3 minutes away from where I lived and in the heart of the Arts District. During my interview I found myself captivated by the cake displays and photos on the walls. I knew absolutely nothing about cakes at that time. I had never heard the word “fondant.” I had never seen or heard of Cake Boss. I felt like I had stumbled into this brand-new world, a new art form that I had never been aware of. In a matter of months, I moved beyond customer service to learning the basics of cake decorating. Read more>>

Talia Halliday

In 2009, founders Mia Beach, Sally Harless, and Nicole Wolfesburger set out to create an indie craft show that would represent new and emerging makers from across the Midwest in a way that they weren’t previously being recognized. The first Bloomington Handmade Market was about 40 vendors strong and represented artists across several genres, including print-making, book-making, bath and body, and kids’ items. For the next few years, BHM hosted two shows annually (a spring and winter) each year growing not only their vendors but also their audience. While the board has changed over the years, one thing remains the same, which is Bloomington Handmade Market’s dedication to representing new and interesting makers from across the Midwest. Read more>>

Vis Swoops

Born Tyler Mosely. Vis Swoops (stage name) started out growing up in The Bronx, NY to an immigrant mother and native father. I’m 1 of 9 and my mother’s oldest. The first in my family to go to college. Played collegiate football and SUNY Brockport. I was not prepared got kicked out and had to do some deep soul searching. Ultimately, I graduated from the school I was once kicked out of. I spent time working in human services primarily with youth and families. However, hip hop has always been my passion, but so cannot rap. I started conducting interviews in 2017 with Grind Season TV-influenced NY Drink Champs, The Breakfast Club, Smack DVD, Joe Rogan, and Joe Budden. Started in my home and eventually started traveling with the idea. It has taken me across the country and put me in many rooms. Read more>>

Arieal Taylor

I was born in Houston, TX home of Queen Bey & where my fashion adventures began. I knew since the very first time I saw my grandmother sewing herself a dress that I wanted to do the same thing. We weren’t rich & I had to learn how to get super creative with my clothing so people in school wouldn’t notice how broke we were lol. I suffered silently from anxiety & depression as a youth and childhood abuse/neglect. So, believing in myself has been an uphill battle combatting mental health while becoming an entrepreneur. I’ve studied magazines, blogs & even experienced up close & personal how amazing the fashion industry world is but it’s also a wild place to navigate. I became a business owner (Chic&Collected) a former resell brand that focused on unique thrifted fashion items… It happened through circumstances honestly, I was flat broke with 3 kids & living in public housing. Read more>>

Andratesha Fritzgerald

My name is Andratesha Fritzgerald. I grew up in inner-city Cleveland in the Central/ Fairfax neighborhood. As a little girl, I had multifaceted dreams that included astronaut, writer, engineer, and many other dreams. The writer dream is one that stuck with me, and I published my first piece, a poem when I was in the second grade. I will never forget the thrill of such an amazing accomplishment. I’ve loved to write for as long as I could remember. Over the years I’ve published articles, poetry, and short stories – crossing between left and right brain with academic writing and creative writing both being places of joy for me. Read more>>

Kyle Wolfe

I spent most of my career traveling as a trim carpenter and cabinet maker, working on some of the most elite homes. In 2009, I started my own custom furniture business. In 2020 I was infected with the Covid virus, and have been affected by it since. I had to semi-retire, and have focused on a more artistic side of things. I mostly turn wooden vessels. I’m really grateful for the people that I have met over the past couple of years. I am displaying my work in Stella’s Art Gallery, in Willoughby. Without them, I don’t know where I’d be right now. I’m really proud of a project that I started before Covid. I call it my Uprooted project. Read more>>

ShaTerra Jenkins

I started in the beauty industry as a self-taught makeup artist in 2011. I did that for several years, mainly focused on weddings and special occasions. I decided I wanted to do more than just makeup and graduated from esthetics school in 2016. From there, I added on lash extensions, waxing, and tinting services. I was then introduced to the permanent cosmetics industry in 2018 and fell in love! I feel like it really helped my passion and creativity grow to new heights. Now I’m about to expand into a storefront location where I teach others how to do permanent makeup services and work on my own clients also. Read more>>

Valynncia Collins

Valynncia is an independent recording and performing artist & Vintner “wine maker” from Columbus Ohio. She was introduced to music by her father who was a prominent Dj, so at a young age she listened to a lot of Hip Hop and R&B. She grew to develop a love for different genres of music such as Pop, Dancehall, and Afrobeats. It was clear she always knew she wanted to be an artist growing up. When asked as a child, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Her response was always, “an artist. I learned how to do make my own beats record mix and master my own music due to some producers I’ve worked with taking a long time to fully mix and master my music. Read more>>

Arshawna Warren

I’ve had an artistic and entrepreneurial personality my entire life. As a singer, dancer, and actress, I found mypassion in making a difference through my artistic expression. At the age of 16, I started my business journey when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. All of my experiences have allowed me to be where I am today. While in college for Psychology at Baldwin Wallace University, I decided that I wanted to be committed to becoming a content creator. I started working on my Christian Youtube channel and Blod I Am Arshawna in 2018. My goal is to show how to have a Christian Lifestyle while also being free to express yourself artistically. It also is to show that just because we are Christians, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the life we are given. Read more>> 

Asha Miller

 I always start my story in 2016 when I went in for a more routine surgery to remove a cyst on my uterus which due to complications, they ended up doing a more invasive surgery and removed one of my ovaries in the process. With the removal of my ovary, I went into an extremely deep depression and had severe anxiety for the months following. Trying to find a way to get back to myself was hard so I found a fitness center and joined a group fitness class to connect with my mind and body. Seeing the changes in my mental and physical health really excited me and I was later asked to become a fitness instructor at that same fitness center. Read more>>

Carol Ross

The Baker’s Rack came started, in earnest, in 2018 when my daughter started school full time. I needed something to keep me busy while staying close to home. I grew up in the kitchen, with my dad baking for restaurants, so it was a natural choice for me! The Baker’s Rack everything is made from scratch, using as much local produce and dairy as possible. I make a lot of breakfast pastries, croissants, scones, biscuits, but also some vegan and gluten-free options. I’ve also been making jam for the last few years, using local fruit from our farmers and herbs from my own backyard. Read more>> 

Frédéric Vigne

It all started before I was even born, back in Provence, Southern France, in the 1960s. My dad was rounding up feral horses for local landowners in the Rhone Delta and he was allowed to sell one out of two as a payment. He was also breaking some of them and since he could not really afford good tack, he used bad one, that needed constant repair. He became good at it, to the point where he was able to entirely build it from scratch. Later on, when I was a kid, the old scraps had become beautiful pieces of leather. He taught me the basics and by 14 years old I was able to take apart and put back together a western saddle just like an elite soldier dismantles his assault rifle. Life went by and I moved away to follow my own path. Leather became a distant memory and my father himself was no longer into it. Read more>>

Patricia Chapman

I am a self-taught makeup artist. I absolutely love and enjoy the work that I do. There’s nothing more exciting and heartfelt about the work I do but the reactions of my clients after their glam services. I love seeing their smiles and happiness as they glaze in the mirror at themselves. It’s the most rewarding feeling that I feel as a makeup artist. It makes proud to know that the work that I do is an actual talent that I was just blessed with. As a young adult in college, I saw I realized that I talented in multiple ways and I knew that I did not want to limit myself. I decided that I would start taking clients as a makeup artist but also create a beauty cosmetics line name after my son. Read more>>

Lawrence Chin-Albert

I started as an investor after moving to the US from Trinidad, and I had a successful investment company. After the market crashed in 2008, my company took a loss, and I decided to pivot to my next venture. Growing up, I always had a passion for fitness- specifically martial arts, dance, and gymnastics. I actually used to compete in the martial arts arena in Trinidad! So, a natural next step was to start teaching classes here for people interested in fitness and wellness. In 2010 I started my business, which eventually grew to become FitSpirit Fitness in 2011. Our goal was to be different from all the other fitness companies out there. After many weeks of brainstorming, we decided our dramatic difference is giving life to our clients and not just focusing on the physical side of fitness, but the spiritual and mental side as well. Read more>>


Started tattooing in 2009 at Speak Eazy tattoos in Lorain. Opened The American Tattoo Company in Cleveland in 2012, changed the name to American Tattoo Studios in 2018. Opened Sacred Meadow Tattoo in 2020. I specialize in realism and surreal tattoos, and neo-traditional Japanese. I’m known for my bold color and saturation.I’m known for bold expressive color, surreal dreamscapes, and neo-traditional Japanese. I’m most proud of the artists that have come up with me and my apprentices; Kevin Mooney, David Vodicka, and Tessa McClish . Read more>> 

Nici Munyer

I had a long and successful career in the hospitality industry as a manager and co-owner of a local craft bar before opening my studio. The never-ending hustle and grind took an extreme toll on my mental and physical health. I spent many years overworked with no boundaries, for personal time, it all become too much and in 2015 I decided to leave. This transformation allowed me see that other women in my community could also benefit from this deeper relationship. HARVEST was created to be a space for cultivating a deeper connection to ourselves and others, but also to serve as a catalyst for women. As a place for us to find community and connection with other like-hearted women through Yoga, BOOK CLUB CIRCLES, HARVEST Table Gatherings, and more. We opened our doors in May of 2019 and it’s been an incredible journey ever since. Read more>>

Khairie Alim

I am Khairie or Kj I’m from Cleveland Ohio I was born and raised there, graduated from media school was a star student, and always had a love for film and cameras and just art period. I started my photography/videography business in 2017 and met some early success but was put on ice because I had a stroke in 2018 in the delivery room with my son being born. I spent a little under two years rehabbing back to health and going legally blind so I was unable to shoot anything, drive, work, watch tv anything. Read more>>

Osuntola Titilola Oguntoyinbo

For a long time, I had a hard time admitting to myself my story is a love story. It began during a tragic time in my life when I lost my maternal grandmother, and one of my closest friends, while also going through a divorce. I remember feeling lost, disconnected, and empty. Being a single mother of 3, with limited education was a struggle.  However, in the midst of all this loss, I began to research my history and culture here in the USA. Read more>>

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